View Full Version : Your Bourbon history

12-23-2008, 10:05
Does anyone claim to have tasted every bourbon available? If so, do you now just buy what you really like? If so...which are on your regular buy list?
Is there a personal consensus go to bottle when in doubt what to choose?

Or, is there an elusive bottle or two you have never been able to taste?

12-23-2008, 16:17
I think it would be impossible to try every bourbon...making the assumption that time is not a factor. If we narrow the timeframe to say, this decade, that would be more reasonable.

Keep in mind that taste is subjective. There are some here on this board that like the consistency of tried and true flavor profiles......others, like myself, really enjoy the inconsistency of single barrel, one off, or limited release offerings. When I shop for bourbon, I don't necessarily buy what is familiar to me, although I keep things in stock that I know I like (e.g. Weller Antique, AAA 10 year, etc.). In recent years, my purchasing has been heavily out of production (dusty) bottles found in my area. I enjoy comparative tasting between yesteryear and today or simply the enjoyment of drinking something that's no longer available. In summary, I'm kinda all over the map when it comes to buying.