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01-11-2009, 20:00

I am one half of the new Corsair Artisan Distillery www.corsairartisan.com in Bowling Green, KY. We are producing Gin, Absinthe, rye whiskey, bourbon, and rum. Like most micros we are starting with white liquors( gin, absinthe, and rye moonshine) while our spirits age. So please be patient with us.

We have 2 pot stills. One was designed by the wonderful and talented people at Vendome Copper( http://www.vendomecopper.com/) for gins and absinthes. Our second still is a hundred year old canadian still that survived prohibition and has been refurbished by Vendome which we will use for whiskey and rum as a wash still. We also have a hook up to blue agave nectar and may do a blue agave spirit( since we are not allowed to call it tequila outside Mexico) for fun for a holiday over the summer.

This is a great site. People here really seem to know their stuff. I look forward to speaking with everybody and getting to know you over the next few months. We are having a grande opening for anyone in a few weeks and all are invited. Come by and have a taste!

Happy drinking,


01-11-2009, 20:08
Hey, I meant to ask this the other day... how will/do you heat the large still. Can you use the same oil machine?

Also, I talked with some BG friends and they are interested in swinging by, I will shoot an email later.

01-11-2009, 20:39
Yes, we use a glycol heater essentially but went instead of glycol with a thermal oil that is food grade and can go up to 5000 degrees, way beyond what we need. Downtown BG does not have municipal steam, or at least our building does not. We had read that some distilleries had problems with boilers and so we did not go that route either. The one heater is used for both machines.


01-13-2009, 14:21
up to 5000 degrees

/me grabs the extra zero

The thermal oil we use actually limits us to 350 degrees. We can push 500 with a different oil; thankfully, both temps are much higher than needed.

01-13-2009, 16:21
Whoops! I'm obviously not the numbers guy here!