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10-04-2000, 20:46
I certainly wish to thank all the interesting people who helped me with my quest to find out things about my 1938 unopened bottle of Harpers. I received funny answers, fascinating answers, interesting answers, and I really appreciate the help. Actually, it's not even my bottle (all I drink is wine) but a friend was hoping he has a bottle worth a fortune - (from your answers, obviously not.) Next question - he also has an opened bottle of Cuban rum, older than the 1938 bottle of Harpers. Any rum drinkers out there? (The rum section left me with very little knowledge.)

10-05-2000, 17:52
Yup. Rum'll do that to ya. That's another reason for drinking bourbon.


10-05-2000, 20:06
Most people who read my posts know that while I drink more bourbon than any other spirit, I have had an occaissional "affair" with other drinks. Jo, my wife, really wanted to try cuban rum in Mexico a couple of months ago and was disappointed -- but the one she tried was not well aged. I am absolutely in love with a Guatemalan rum - Zacapa.

But....now that I've taken up space I must tell you that I know nothing of the value or taste of old cuban rum (or ron, in Spanish). If the rum has been opened awhile that won't help it much. I think you have a couple of nice old bottles. Somebody in here would probably buy the Harper off of your friend for a bit more than a liquor store price (I might even be interested) but you are not likely to get rich unless you find someone else who knows nothing about it and just wants to blow some money.

Since you found us, tell anyone you know who has curiosity about bourbon that this is the place to learn. We're glad to have company. And might I add that John L. can probably do the math and show you why drinking bourbon is much cheaper than good wine. He made the switch and saved money. After all, a good bottle of bourbon will last a while. A bottle of wine can go in one sitting with two people - or even with one. And like California wine where you can visit many wineries in one valley, you can do nearly the same with distilleries in Kentucky. (Gee, maybe we could all be poster "boys" and representatives for the Ky. Bourbon Distillers!)