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01-24-2009, 20:11
Thanks to Sir Tony and Lord Oscar, I have been fortunate to taste upon the Juice of the Michigan Kingdome.

Because I have had mixed results with 4R1B, I decided to give them a tasting in two Glencairns. So here are those results.

Glencairn Glass

Sweet floral and some fruits (banana, pears, and melons). There is a little spice, and at the tail end there is some fermented yeast. The yeast gives way to processed tobacco like a camel unfiltered cigarette

Very nice, some sweet sugars and then a nice blend of floral and fruits. There is a touch of banana again with the pears and the melons. The spice then some in and then more fruits. The lavender is strong to me.

Floral, melon and pear. The spice is light, but noticeable. The burn is light. Very floral and the floral (lavender) stays for the long run on the finish.

This is good. Probably the best SB I have ever had. Still to floral for my tastes, but for those that are FR1B fans, this will be a favorite.

Glencairn Crystal

More yeast up front, then lots of floral, but no banana.

The floral is defiantly muted and the fermented yeast is much more prevalent. The processed tobacco is also there.

Sweet and then floral.. 10 seconds in the fermented yeast is there and then tobacco mixed with floral. I begin to taste some light leather and then the alc comes in and the floral returns.

Big lavender and then light leather and tobacco.

I like this better in the glass Glencairn than the crystal Glencairn. The crystal brings out he negatives more than the positives.

01-25-2009, 08:42
I'll just add my two cents to this post to consolidate...

4R1B (Oscar & Tony's Barrel):
Once again, thanks so much to Mr. Oscar Hightower for making this possible.

NOSE: Sweet baking bread
1st SIP: The texture was so much softer & subtler than the Small Batch it's amazing. This pour was tangy as well, but without any citrus -- I'm tasting sweet maple sugar and some pepper.
NEXT: Leather fades in and out quickly and then a hint of anise or some similar herbal flavor....
FINISH: very complex...the herb/floral taste is subtle but definitely there....echoes of oak

This was unbelievable...so much different from the Small Batch. I understand now why single barrel expressions are so idiosyncratic...this pick is really a winner....I like both this and the Small Batch, but they are honestly nothing alike. I find the Small Batch a lot more floral than this and agree with Emerald, I definitely pick up lavender -- that was the primary flavor in the smB....not so in the 4R1B IMO...Fantastic bourbon!

01-25-2009, 09:08
Aw shucks guys you are embarassing me.:blush:

I have a few extra, the first PMs can have 'em.