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02-20-2009, 21:12
Hello All:

I was wondering what is everyone's TOP 5 memorable bourbons and ryes of all time...

Here are mine (no special order)

-George T Stagg
-A.H. Hirsch 16yrs
-Old Charter Proprietor's Reserve
-Wild Turkey Rare Breed
-Elmer T Lee

-Templeton Small Batch
-Sazerac 18yrs
-Thomas H Handy
-Pappy van Winkle Family Reserve 13yrs
-Old Portrero Hotaling's 13yrs

02-21-2009, 07:33
4R 120th
ORVW 15/107
RHF (Julios)
GTS 2004
RR 101

Hirsch Rye (black wax)
Willets Rye Bottling 2 (DP)
Willets Rye Bottling 1 (DP)
Saz 18 2001
Handy 2008

02-22-2009, 14:14

'65 Old Fitz BIB
'06 WLW
ORVW 15/107
Hirsch Blue Wax
Old Taylor BIB (Castle)


'06 THH
1941 Mt. Vernon Rye
'06 Saz 18

02-22-2009, 22:24
Not a rye guy but my top five bourbons, in no particular order, are:

1. ER 101
2. Weller Centennial
3. Lot B
4. ERSB 10/90
5. BTAC ER17

I have other favorites that rank up there too. I also must say an honorable mention has to go to Maker's Mark. It was my gateway bourbon, and got me started on this crazy journey. There will always be a bottle in my stash. Joe

02-23-2009, 07:28
I will keep it to ones I found memorable:

Bourbon: 08 GTS / ER101

Rye: 08 THH

02-23-2009, 08:56
I will keep it to ones I found memorable:

Bourbon: 08 GTS / ER101

Rye: 08 THH

Nice Ben! Rocking the Handy!

This brings up a question.....do others have taste memories pop into your head? It happens to me all the time that I'll remember a flavor so vividly.

These are drinks I can't get out of my taste memory, for better or worse....like one's that just pop in there when I'm driving or sleeping or at work:

'08 Handy
VSOF (BHC, obviously)
ORVW 10/107 (although not my favorite, it pops into my mouth often)
Weller Centennial (and I only had a 50ml! -- very memorable)
WT Rye 101 (although my memory was not as accurate as I thought)
4RsmB (or Marriage) -- (that floral/citrus thing creeps up on me -- not in a good way)

So, not necessarily my favorites, but memorable.

02-23-2009, 09:08
I tried to answer the same way you did. ER101/GTS/THH were the only pours that I had an "experiance" with. I guess I could add 4RSmB to that list since it was the first pour that made me stop and say "Damn, thats good"

On the other side, Old Overholt and OGD were the only ones that left a memorable experiance the other way. Both were very chemicallys to me.

02-23-2009, 16:20
1) Blue Wax Hirsch 16
2) Wild Turkey RR 101
3) 2005 Sauzerac
4) Old Fitzgerald Circa 1960-1970s
5) Blantons Gold

Buffalo Bill
02-24-2009, 07:25
1. OFBB 2006
2. WLW 121.9 Proofer
3. ER17 2005/2006
4. Saz18 2006
5. Michter's US-1 (4J-3)