View Full Version : Rye flavoured sallad souse

02-27-2009, 10:32
As my cooking interest have flavoured up again after my divorce I will post one of my best American whiskey recipe. It is a salad souse with a lot of flavour and it suit a flavourful salad like for instance cheese and ham salad. It doesnít work with light ones like shrimp salad for instance. I will take the measure in cl as the whiskey bottles so everybody can understand it.

30 cl mayonnaise (donít even consider factory made)
30 cl sour cream (12 % fat)
6 cl Heins hot chilisouse
3 cl tomato puree
0,75 cl mild paprika powder
5-6 cl medium age straight rye. My favourite is Rittenhouse 10 but as I cant get it any more I use WT rye. Bourbon work as well and I made it with 101 from the beginning.
Instructions: Put in the rye last.

50 cl neutral oil. I use rape oil.
3 egg yolk
0,3 cl crashed black pepper
0,4 cl salt
3 cl squeezed lemon
Instructions: Beat in the oil slowly in the yolks with a beater (not electric) till it starts to be thick. Then slowly steer in the lemon and finally beat in the rest of the oil.

My favourite drinks to this souse is a medium strong IPA or a manzanilla sherry. White or red wine dies completely because of the punchines of the souse.