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03-23-2009, 18:14
Hello everyone I just joined your forum and am really glad that I found it. I work nights and I have spent some time reviewing old and new threads on my phone while I am at work. I have learned a lot and it is a great way to make the night go by. I am fairly new to bourbon and I am in the process of trying new things. I have my old stand bys but now I am branching out to new bottles. So far I have started at the bottom and am working my way up to the higher quality bourbons. I have put together a little collection and I look forward to adding to it and discovering new bourbons

Happy to be aboard

A little about me
I am 26, married, a machinist, and live in lynchburg VA
And I just took my first trip to Kentucky a few weeks back and it was amazing can't wait to go back :)

03-23-2009, 19:47
I, Back at ya. Thanks for being here. You sound like a man with a plan. Just remember, "The best laid plans...." :rolleyes: Hope you enjoy this sight, and your experiences. Let us know how it's going. Joe

03-23-2009, 22:38
Welcome. You've come to the right place. As for starting at the bottom; I've found that some of those bottom shelf pours really aren't too bad.

Compared to Single Malt Scotch, bourbon is an incredible value, even the pricier ones for the most part. Ever try a bottom shelf SMS? Trust me, don't.

Good luck, hope you'll enjoy your time here.


03-24-2009, 01:17
Thanks guys. I realize that saying starting at the bottom was not really a accurate way to describe me.
I look at bourbon like I would a journey so to speak. I could go out and buy the most expensive whiskeys I could get my hands on and drink nothing but those and be happy, but would I know anything about bourbon. The same way you would not give a child a perfectly aged rib eye you would give them the burger, I am taking the same approach to bourbon.
I am buying bottles and discovering what I truly like and more importantly to me why i like them. I most say I have some bottles that I will never revisit, but to me that is all in the experience.

03-24-2009, 07:30
Hi Independent I see you finally made your way over here welcome aboard. Starting at the bottom and working your way up is a great idea. This board has a bunch of great people although a lot of them are the same ones from the other boards. They will help you out with any questions or problems that you have and are glad to listen to your opinions. You'll make some friends here it's a great place check in often and post often. It's a great adventure.

03-24-2009, 19:37
Hey independent, welcome aboard. I've been drinking good Bourbon since the days we could get Very, Very, Very Old Fitzgerald at about $15 dollars a bottle. That was my Dad's favorite and I remember when he complained it had gone up to $12 dollars a bottle.

Bourbon is the best value in whiskey today and even the lowest priced ones are very well made. My tact is similar to yours in that I simply want what appeals to me and learn enough about to know why I like it. My baseline, so to speak, is a fully mature Bourbon bottled at 100 proof, if it's bonded so much the better, and I'm only concerned with the contents, not the packaging.