View Full Version : Pilot Dies off Long Island: Bourbon Ties?

04-06-2009, 12:05
Robert Baranaskas is the Founder and Chairman of The Fairoaks Group, a high-end boutique designer and builder of residential/commercial properties. Robert was previously President of Nabisco Beverage Groupís largest division, The Fleischmann Distilling Company. He left Nabisco to acquire the Ancient Age Distilling Company which he very profitably sold in 1992.

Tragically, he died this weekend doing what he loved most, piloting Vintage War Aircraft.


A True Renaissance Man

04-07-2009, 06:36
That's too bad. I think Robert Baranaskas was one of the folks that bought Ancient Age away from Schenley.

AA was making some really great juice back in those days. I have some AAA 10 Star from 1988 that is really outstanding. Also, Eagle Rare 10/101 was being made in those days(on contract for Seagrams originally)...it is also some really outstanding juice.