View Full Version : Hi from Cranford,NJ

04-15-2009, 17:30
I've been coming on this Forum from time to time,mostly when I'm considering purchasing something that I haven't had the opportunity to try first.I find that there's a wealth of info by people much more knowledgeable than myself.I've really been enjoying both of the Four Roses Bourbons(Small Batch,Single Barrel)and really wanted to try the Marage Bourbon.Only 1 liquor store in the NYC area had it and they were asking $150 a bottle.From time to time I'd see people posting that they had purchased something at a good price from a store called Binny's.Went to their website and have a tracking number for 2 bottles on their way to me at an unbelievable $69.99 Scheduled to be delivered on Friday.I can't wait.By the way it was Brett on the Whiskey Hot Line that hooked me up.He occassionally posts here.--Jett