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04-18-2009, 13:06
Hello all-

I'm up in the Minneapolis area, and new on the boards.

I enjoy bourbon quite a bit... but being in my upper 20s it's difficult to find friends who are interested in the actual drink instead of it's effects. :lol:

It began really when a buddy of mine started drinking Jack, to "Keep the wolves away." He figured if a woman would drink that, she was worth keeping... No offense to anyone out there who enjoys it, but I had to pull him aside and let him know there are some much better drinks out there.

He moved up to Makers Mark, which I also enjoy... however it's a bit overpriced for what it is. Enjoyable yes- but I think publicity has it slightly overrated.

We went out on a trip together where we went to numerous business events with full open bars... which of course means I had to get every type of bourbon I could so we could sample them. Sadly, I don't remember/know what most of what we drank were. However, it was a really wonderful way to be able to understand bourbon for free. =) Two of the bars we were in specialized in bourbon, one having it's cheapest (Makers) at $8, followed by $12, and $20+ from there. I cringe to think of what that bill would of been if it was on us to pay.

04-18-2009, 18:27
What a great way to get to sample many different bourbons. My only suggestion would be to carry a pocket sized notebook, notecards, etc... to record your thoughts on what you are trying (brand, year, taste, cost, location, etc....). I keep a couple of folded notecards with me at all times. I cant tell you how many times I have written info at a liquor on new bottles that I do not know anything about so that I can look them up on the internet later. Put the info you gather in a notebook and you will have a wealth of knowledge to reference in the future. tim

04-18-2009, 21:51
Welcome aboard Joshua, if you were looking for a place where people will talk serious bourbon with you you've found it. The people on here not including myself here have a vast knowledge of all things bourbon. The history, the taste profiles, the mashbills you name it some on here knows the answer just ask. But they are also interested in your opinions as well, what you've tried how you liked it. You'll make some good friends here. The official chat nights are Sundays and Thursdays it's a good time stop by, but chats open for use anytime.

I agree with your assessment of MM for a wheater I prefer Old Weller Antique 107 or OWA it's cheaper and better. As for the abbreviations that you'll see a lot of them on here, if you have any trouble with them there's a list of them on this thread New to Straightbourbon. Just kick back and have fun and post often. Paul

04-27-2009, 14:57
Welcome Joshua. Paul and Tim have given you some good pointers. I'll add my two cents too. If you like wheaters, maybe go to the bourbons with a rye mashbill. Something from Wild Turkey or Four Roses would be good to compare with wheaters like MM or OWA. Another wheater worth trying would be Weller Special Reserve. Good luck, and have some fun. Keep posting and let us know how it's going. Joe

04-27-2009, 16:29
Welcome aboard, and I second the recommend to try Weller Special Reserve. I'm somewhat of a newbie too, but I've found several pours that I really enjoy, and Weller SR has become one of them. My usual hooch emporium has it for $15.99 a bottle, vs. $23.99 for MM. It's not just good whiskey for the money, it's good whiskey, period. And try Wild Turkey 101...that's a great rye-mashbill bourbon that's available in most bars, and it's a darn fine pour...I love it neat, in a classic Old Fashioned, and in a Manhattan.

You'll like it here, I think. :)