View Full Version : What happened to my 1792?

04-24-2009, 20:48
Hello all. Still a bit new here, but somewhat perplexed. I bought a bottle of 1792 about a year ago and REALLY liked it! In fact, I would rank it among one of my favorites! But... I haven't had any in months...bottle has just been sitting there while I have been on a bit of a beer binge. Here lately I have come back to whiskey, recently enjoying some of my Jacob's Well, Basil Haydens (thought it was VERY light), and Booker's (LOVED IT!)

So, to the point... last night, I picked up my old friend 1792, from the back of the cabinet... poured myself up a glass.... took a sip... and almost choked! It seemed unbelievably harsh and abrasive that I could barely get it down! There was no real taste and no smell except for alcohol! So, I cut it with a bit of water... while it cut the alcohol burn a bit, it did absolutely NOTHING for the drink... just no taste at all... and even cut... still the alcohol was overpowering.

My question is, what happened? Have my tastes changed? Is it possibly something happened to the bottle? Am I just imagining all of this? Why is one of what I thought was my fav bottles now sucking so bad I had to pour out half a glass because I literally couldn't finish it!

04-24-2009, 20:58
I'd give it another try some other time, maybe it was something that you ate earlier in the day lingering on your palette. Every so often I'll pour something I like and it won't taste that great but then another day it's back to tasting as good as I remembered.

04-24-2009, 21:09
Will do. I am not giving up on it yet, but was just totally stunned by the difference. I have some of the Riedel bourbon glasses on order. Maybe I will wait until they come in and give it another go.

04-27-2009, 20:01
How old was the bottle and how much of it was gone from it. I have been told that a bottle left open for more then two years will spoil so to speak. I have not had this happen personally because I have not had a bottle that long.

04-28-2009, 17:14
Bottle is probably not quite a year old and still 2/3 full. Got in the Riedel bouron glasses today so I am going to try it again and see!