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04-27-2009, 06:42
I bought my first bottle of EC12 the other day and as I was trying it out it was like I have tasted this before and after a few more sips I put my finger on it. It taste like Old Forester and this got me to thinking EC12 is Heaven Hill and OF is Brown & Forman. I couldn't get this out of my head then I remembered that HH didn't have the juice to barrel (because of the fire) EWSB 1997 so they contracted with Jim Beam for the barrels. EC12 2009 would have been barreled in 1997 as well if they didn't have the juice for EWSB it would stand to reason they probably didn't have the juice for EC12 either. So my question is does anyone know is the current EC12 is contracted Brown & Forman juice or not?

04-27-2009, 19:22
Brown-forman and Jim beam both took over production of Evan Williams after the fire at heaven hill. I believe I read that they used the Evan Williams mash bill with brown-forman using heaven hills yeast and Jim beam using their own yeast saying it was close enough to what heaven hill used. I am not 100% on this I will look it up when I get home in the morning. When I was on the tour Lynn Grant said that because of the fire HH would have problems filling the demand for both EC12 and 18.