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04-28-2009, 20:31
New house. Came with propane gas grill. Yesterday, I finally discovered that the tank had some fuel left in it, and I fired it up and scrubbed the grate. Today, I set out some frozen beef for fixin' tomorrow (pending rainy forecast).
Couple of inch-think, well-marbled ribeyes. With what to marinade? My 'house bourbon' these days is EW Black. Frankly, I want to christen the outdoor-living segment of my life better than that. Enter Jim Butler, our esteemed administrator and founder, who has stated in the past he uses only the best ingredients, and thus cooks with Stagg.
I had not yet opened an '08 Stagg, though I'd tasted someone else's. I have two bottles. Seemed like a good idea -- thus, ribeyes currently refrigerating con GTS. In the morning, I'll add some pepper, seasoned salt and Worchester sauce. Tomorrow afternoon, the Azalea Drive Cookery will commence.

04-28-2009, 20:48
Sounds good, Tim. Just be careful laying those babies on the fire or you may end up flambeing your eyebrows.


04-29-2009, 13:19
Hope you'll tell us how it comes out, Tim. I've never marinated steaks in bourbon before, but have found that bourbon and steak are great together.

Don't skimp on the Worchestershire sauce; Lea & Perrins is the stuff.