View Full Version : The new Lot B

04-30-2009, 09:30
Hi Guys,

So I decided to step up to the plate and do some tasting, primarily to determine the next bunker bottle. Getting down to bits and pieces here and there requires a fill-up.

So I pull out the most recent Lot B (8 number on label) and do a comparo with Vintage 17, ORVW 10/107 vintage and new make, Four Roses sb, an older bottling of Lot B, and Willet sb. I also threw in a 132.7 Handy rye (cut and uncut) just for fun.

Now, this was just to determine a general order to try to decide a direction for purchase- so no big tasting notes here-

The Handy Rye came out top, but I was very surprised the current Lot B kept gravitating towards the top, the vintage ORVW 10/107 was also right there. The balance generally relagated to also rans- tho the Four Roses I could definately drink very readily.

I guess I'll head down to the local and grab some of that Lot B before it's gone :grin: