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05-04-2009, 14:07
What is it about Gadgets that makes me Giddy.

A few nights ago, hazy ones at that, I went out for a drink in Lexington, KY to O'Neills Irish Pub.

It was Blues Jam Nite, no cover and I had a hankering for burger.

As the waitress escorted us to a table with a view of the stage, I noticed a prominently placed beer tap, unguarded, mounted in the table.

Yes, it is the Tap-at-your-table. Not cheap, but very convenient. An LCD screen in the table records your consumption, like a digital gas pump.

I couldn't control myself. Top Off my beer, Why not!!! Pour three ounces, so it doesn't get warm-Go ahead. Wait for a waitress to come by so you get your beer- NEVER!!

The only bad part is that there's only one tap/table, so you have to choose a table with the beer you like. I chose Smithwick's at $.30/oz. It was Miller Lite special night for $.10/oz.

Warning: Don't leave your table unattended!!!!!

05-04-2009, 14:14
Ouch! $3.60 per draft beer. I hope it was good.


05-05-2009, 11:07
Actually, they were pints, so $4.80.

I've spent more.

More learnings. The company that makes the units advertises 30-50% savings in labor for the bar. The waitress still brings your check, so you tip her for serving your own beer.

There's something wrong there. Its like paying a premium for self-serve.

The towers are glycol cooled right up to the spout, so every ounce is chilled just right.

Now, If I could get one in my house, I could charge myself for beer, tip The Patty and save for my mortgage all at the same time.

05-06-2009, 13:11
Why stop there Ed? Why not have someone to drink the beer for you, burp the excess gas, and then pee for you starting every ten minutes subtracting a minute for each beer you have after the first one?