View Full Version : Looking for a peppery/spicy/not sweet rye.

05-15-2009, 15:06

I am looking for a peppery, spicy, not sweet rye.

Here's what I tried so far.

Rittenhouse BIB - Was pretty round and wasn't peppery/spicy at all. It was just OK to me even though it looks as though a lot of guys on here really like it. It really didn't stand out like the WT 101 Rye.

Wild Turkey 101 Rye - I liked this the best, it had a nice peppery/spicy taste to it.

Jim Beam Yellow Label Rye - Ick... I drank the whole bottle but it had a weird taste to it almost like a bad orange and left a nasty taste in my mouth.

I'm going to pick up a bottle of Sazerac tonight and give that a go. This is the last I can find here in MN, except some Rittenhouse 23 year for $135. I didn't care too much for Rittenhouse BIB so I'm not sure if I should try that.

Again, rye afficianados, looking for peppery, spicy, not sweet.


05-15-2009, 15:41
It sounds like you need a high rye mashbill, since most of the sweetness is coming from corn.

Can you get Old Potrero single malt rye? It's going to meet your description well. It has no corn, so it's not at all sweet, and it's a peppery, spicy monster.

Another one to try is Rendesvous Rye from High West, which is a blend of two high rye mash bill ryes.

I love all of the Sazeracs, (Baby, 18 and Handy), and they are great ryes, but are a little sweeter than the ones listed above.

05-15-2009, 17:09
wtr 101 is my best suggestion and you have already had it