View Full Version : WT 101 + a little ETLee = good times

05-15-2009, 23:46
on a whim I drizzled ~10ml of ETLee on top of ~50ml of WT 101 and a couple of rocks, then I swirled it around a couple of times, and I like it.

they're both rye'd, one's spicy and one's sweet, both have tons of flavor, and the result is in between - not as sweet as ETL. not as WT as WT 101.

it definitely didn't hurt...

anyone else ever done this?

05-18-2009, 16:44
After reading this thread I tryed something similar over the weekend. I didn't have any WT101 so I used RR 90. Not bad at all. The sweetness of the ETL goes will with the WT. I added a little more ETL then you did making it 20ml to 50ml. I have not gotten into vatting but this was a good pairing.