View Full Version : Hazelnuts or almond cake

05-20-2009, 09:03
These kinks of cakes do taste excellent with wheat recipe bourbon. My favourite is ORVW 10 107 but I have had it to several others and it works very good as long as it is at least 100 proof. Yesterday I had it with a Weller 107 from the 70-is.
As this is low fat recipes with no fat except natural from the nuts it is very important that the cake donít stay to long in the oven. It should not go completely through.

200 gram ground hazelnuts or almonds
5-6 ground or scratched bitter almonds
20 cl sugar
5 cl milk
10 cl wheat flour
3 eggs
0,5 cl baking powder

Whip it together as any soft cake and bake it in the oven 175 degrees celsius in a 2-litre form for about 25-30 minutes for almonds and about 30-35 minutes for hazelnuts.