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dave ziegler
07-18-2009, 20:00
Well it was another wonderfull Bottle day where I got my Mount Vernon RYE Whiskey Last summer as I walked through the flee market there was a 80+ yr old Bottle 3/4 full never opened and clean and ready to drink of Old Taylor
Spiritus Frumenti Medicinal Drinking Only Straight Whiskey right out of the History books and it was all mine for $10.

I bought it and brought it home and I took pictures I will now post after I tell you what it tastes Like, IT IS DAM GOOD!

My Friend from NY and I just got home from a Losing Reading Phils game and I said I am Sick and Need some Medicinal Drinking Alcohol NOW!

So I opened the bottle took a deep sniff and we both agreed Lets Have a Belt!

Taste is of very smooth wood and caramel Flavors with sweet Vanilla hints it is 100 proof so it is very GOOD For YOUR HEALTH!

We both had about a shot and a 1/2 and it was so Dam Smooth I could Hardly Believe it, and it had a very nice Finish going down. It was amazingly Refreshing in your mouth and I Know it will most likely not sit around too Long.

Here are some Pictures of it the Box it came in and an empty Rittenhouse Rye Bottle I bought for $5. Total cost $15.00.

Well Now that I have posted I feel a little Sick so I must go and have some More Spiritus Frumenti as it says on the Box that it is " UNEXCELLED FOR MEDICINAL USE".
One last note it says on the bottle Distillery No. 53 BIB Registered Distillery P-19 KY.

Not knowing excatly what yr it is from I would guess early to Mid Prohibition. It any of you out there can give me a year for this bottle I would be thankful to you!
Dave Z
I wish I had More Medicine Like This for My Health!!

07-18-2009, 21:50
yr brave for trying a old bottle, but that is where true rewards lie...
very very cool.

07-18-2009, 22:50
I've noticed several medicinal whiskey bottles from Prohibition that say Straight Kentucky Whiskey (or Kentucky Straight Whiskey) *without* stating bourbon or rye.

On a limb, I would guess that the warehouses bottled whatever was being stored on hand, the distilleries who could sell put on the most convenient label they had, and the consumer didn't give a rat's what it was so long as it was spiritus frumenti. :)

07-19-2009, 05:42
Wow, Dave, man, that's beyond dusty. You're drinking history!:cool:

Thanks for the pics!

dave ziegler
07-19-2009, 17:42
I must say finding This bottle of Old Taylor Spiritus Frumenti at the same place I found my Bottle of Mount Vernon Striaght Rye last yr was a thrill!

I will only drink it on special times and I am very Thankful I found it. I wish and I hope that all of you at the right time can do the same thing and find some Vintage Whiskey.
Dave Z
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dave ziegler
07-20-2009, 04:13
I found this Vintage Prohibition time Old taylor to be very different from any modern Whiskey I have had. It seemed to be full flavored in Body, taste "mouth feel" had lots of flavors going on, Caramel,sweet wood,vanilla and a little spice and in its Finish it was very smooth and powerful going down.

This is one of The finest Whiskeys I have ever tasted and I will only drink it on special days like my 62 nd bithday on Sept 23 this yr. I am thrilled to have got this 3/4 full quart of Old Taylor for a mere $10. my kind of price in my money situation.

And when it is done it is still a great piece of History. In the meantime I am as someone said here Drinking History if you have not seen the pictures I took on this thread of the box and bottle please look.
Dave Z
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