View Full Version : Bourbon barrel aging of tobacco

08-13-2009, 18:58

Interesting project....

June 4, 2008...5:14 am
The Bourbon Barrel Has Arrived

Has anyone had tobacco that was aged on bourbon barrels?
I am not a big smoker but I think a cigar would be nice to try.

08-31-2009, 16:42
Being an avid cigar smoker, I've tried cigars aged in cognac and rum barrels but not any from bourbon barrels. I would think it would yield an interesting smoke if blended correctly as I enjoyed the cognac and rum aged.

09-03-2009, 18:53
Link: http://www.kentuckygentlemencigars.com/index.php

Allen makes the Blanton Barrel Aged cigars and has been known to age a few in Wild Turkey Barrels. Give him a call or email if you want to try a Kentucky Gentleman Cigar. You might get a tour if you stop by while visiting the distilleries in Lawrenceburg.