View Full Version : Whaler's Original Dark

09-09-2009, 11:30
What do folks think of this??

We were in Hawaii last week and I happened upon a bottle. I found it to be the first dark rum I've truly enjoyed. I've tried several others but they never met this expectation I had as to what a dark rum should taste like. This one hits the mark straight on.

I was also able to get it on the ship (NCL Pride of America). They kept pushing the Rare Reserve, which I tried and found to be no where near as good.

This is my second favorite rum (behind Pyrat XO which is a completely different style). Now I come back to find out Ohio has delisted it! Argh!

Does anyone have any advice on where I can find some to add to my home stocks??

Also, this is a Heaven Hill brand. Do they distill it in Kentucky or elsewhere?