View Full Version : Processed foods with bourbon

09-27-2009, 16:59
I shop Costco, and generally, they have some pretty good processed foods, some with bourbon.

For instance, the Bourbon Chicken is pretty tasty - chunks of breast meat battered in a bourbon batter. I usually keep a bag of this in the freezer.

I didn't particularly like the Maple-Bourbon Pork Loin, however. The pork loin was great. but the sauce (which I shall either replace with my own or simply put on the side) had a way overwhelming, overly sweet maple flavor that dominated all the other flavors. Couldn't even taste the darn bourbon (grin).

Any other recommendations for or against other processed bourbon-flavored foods?

10-01-2009, 11:08
Most processed foods that I have had that contain bourbon don't taste like there's much bourbon in there. I add my own.

Bush's bourbon and brown sugar baked beans is OK. Too much brown sugar and not enough bourbon, though. You can add bourbon but you can't take out the brown sugar. I much prefer to doctor up their steakhouse beans with a splash of OGD.

Famous Dave's has an apricot and bourbon BBQ sauce. Its Ok but its too hot for my taste, to many chipotle peppers. I much prefer to doctor up KC Masterpiece's original with apricot puree and a generous addition ORVW 107.