View Full Version : Whisky recommendations in Central Europe

10-01-2009, 08:30
Hi everyone. I'm traveling to Vienna, Krakow and Prague in the middle of October. In particular, I found the whisky store http://www.potstill.org/, which is in Vienna, on the Malt Advocate site. If I tell you that I love my bourbons and I love my Island whiskies, what should this Midwesterner be on the lookout for in the European and/or Travel Retail markets. I think my sweet spot in single malts is 10-12 years old, but I can be tempted to pay up to $100 or so for a highly regarded 18. I don't know if it is too late, but I'm going to keep my eyes open for the Highland Park 21 47.5% travel retail that has supposedly been discontinued. Thanks in advance for any tips. -Jim

10-06-2009, 02:00
If you are in Austria try to get some Austrian whisky,they have single malts as well as rye,seldom seen over here,same for Poland,they have a single malt as well as blends made with scotch and Polish distillate or entirely scotch.In the Chechrepublic you have a brand called Golden Cock,which is a blend but also a single malt,the single malt version has an age minimal 6 let(year).The distillery is closed down recently so it will be a rare whisky in the future.And if you are heading west your welcome to have a drink with me:toast: .Enjoy your trip!