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10-04-2009, 03:47
I know that the typical Swedish dish gravid salmon has been up on the forum before as it is served on all IKEA stores in the world. This is a very simple way of cocking and it is a mixture of salt, sugar, black pepper and dill that the salmon lei in for 2-3 days. However you can use other spice instead of dill and you can grava meat as well. This is what I did a couple of days ago with a left over 400 gram tale of a beef fillet. I put it in plastic bag in the fridge in a mixture of 3 cl each of salt, sugar and WT 8 and about 1,5 cl of crashed black pepper for 4 days. It turned out very well and I served it with a nobis souse on rye bread as a starter. It is possible to make much bigger steaks but the sickness should not be more than 5 centimetres. The taste is a bit salt so red or white wine doesn’t work with this dish. The traditional drink in Sweden for this type of food is flavoured neutral spirits and/or beer. Personally I think sherry is the best and we had Manzanilla with it and it worked nice.
Here is the recipe for nobis souse witch is a very all round souse:
Boil 1 egg for exactly 3 minutes and put the inside stuff in a bowl. Whip in 20 cl of neutral oil (corn or similar) very careful so the souse get thick as a mayonnaise. Spice it with 1,5 cl red wine vinegar, 0,5-0,75 cl dion mustard, 0,2 cl salt, 0,15 cl black pepper, 1-2 chopped garlic gloves, and about 3 cl chopped chive. Let it rest till the next day or at least a couple of hours.


10-04-2009, 07:20
I always used a dash of vodka when making gravlax as well. I have also cured salmon similarly with brown sugar, salt, pepper and bourbon. I like to let this one cure for only a day to a day and a half then cold smoke it with oak. Very tasty.