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10-14-2009, 17:01
...though gold-plated ones, as it were.
This is sort of a non-sporting equivalent to the VBT, because the answer already has been formed -- you just have to figure it out.
As I've noted elsewhere here, I'm drinking down my remaining 'bunker', not so much to get out of the bourbon 'game', but to eliminate my financial stake in it. Hopefully, when the project is completed, I can just buy and drink what I want. I occasionally still buy a 'commodity' bottle, but not often, and not recently.
ALL of what I have left on the shelf is not easily replaceable, if at all. And, most of it, these days, is downed drowned (well, 50:50, anyway) in diet ginger ale or diet cola. Absent a knowledgeable guest, I seldom even bother buying anything to 'taste' anymore.
I DO have some special 'tastings' set aside in miscellaneous 50ml, 200ml, and 375ml bottles because they are too meaningful or dear to simply blend away. However, I just opened my newest 'mixer' from the following individual (unless noted) bottles:

my last single bottles of Kentucky Barrel Society special selections: KBS 2005 BOTY Weller 12, 2005 Barrel C Weller 12, and 2006 'Barrel C' ETL SB (selected with Elmer);
'Lincoln Henderson' Batch 27 liter of Woodford Reserve (from Old Forester stock);
Weller Centennial 10yo/90 Frankfort;
Old Heaven Hill 10yo BIB;
Michter's Single Barrel Bourbon (first bottling by KBD/Kulsveens);
Four Roses 120th Anniversary Barrel Strength;
ORVW 10/107 (Frankfort)
Original Parker's Heritage Collection, 127.4 proof;
Wild Turkey 12yo split-label (I have two of these);
Wild Turkey Kentucky Spirit, 2001 pewter-top;
Woodford Reserve VIP bottling, liter, Batch 1 (Lincoln Henderson; shipped 6/1996 -- I saw the intact case, with markings -- so also Old Forester honey barrels);
Rittenhouse Rye BIB, one each, DSP-KY-31 and DSP-KY-354;
William Larue Weller 125.3 proof (2008);
Rittenhouse Rye BIB, 21yo, Barrel 23;
Van Winkle Family Reserve Rye, H series;
Thomas Handy Sazerac Rye (2008)
George T. Stagg, 144.8 proof (2007), and GTS 141.8 proof (2008).

With the exception of the '08 Larue Weller (I've had previous 'vintages'), I tasted every one of these previously.
So, which did I open? Which am I enjoying now mixed with Big K (Kroger-brand) diet ginger ale? (That's a clue, by the way, though not much of one.)

10-14-2009, 17:14
I'll guess KBS Weller Barrel "C"?

How'd I do?


10-15-2009, 00:41
The hint was Big-K so I'll say WTKS.

10-15-2009, 04:41
I'm going to go with Michter's Single Barrel Bourbon.

10-15-2009, 05:04
2008 George T. Stagg? From Warehouse K.

10-15-2009, 11:30
I'll guess KBS Weller Barrel "C"?

How'd I do?

Either you didn't get the 'clue', Tony, or you haven't been paying attention to why it's a clue.:grin:
So, nope.

The hint was Big-K so I'll say WTKS.
Well, the 'hint' was in that sentence, Oscar. Nope.

I'm going to go with Michter's Single Barrel Bourbon.

2008 George T. Stagg? From Warehouse K.
Well, an 'almost' winner (as Bozo the Clown used to say)! Actually, it's the 2007 Stagg. I like the '08 better -- maybe the best since the '03 and '04 ones -- so figured I'd hang onto that one a while longer. And, I finished one not too long ago.
But, it was something I had more than one of so, in a way, it kept me from having to make too traumatic a decision.
Frankly, I first had one of the WT12s in my hand -- because I have two of them -- but I just couldn't pull the trigger yet, in order to turn it into a mixer. With the Stagg, I get more than a bottle's worth because of the high proof. I don't pour as much.
Oh, and Tony: I mix (generally -- the rule is NOT set in stone) ryed bourbons with ginger ale, wheaters with cola. Spice with spice, and sweet with sweet, in other words. Although the Stagg handles both pretty well.

10-15-2009, 11:39
I went with the 08 because I didn't think that the 07 came from K. I thought it came from I, whereas, the 08 came from K and I.

10-15-2009, 11:46
Good riddle Tim.:cool:

10-15-2009, 14:01
2008 George T. Stagg? From Warehouse K.
:lol: You and Oscar both went for the 'clue' I didn't intend. I meant to emphasis the 'big' and the ginger ale, which I've noted numerous times on here is my ryed-bourbon mixer. The K having meaning never crossed my mind.:skep: