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11-13-2009, 12:45
In another thread, someone discovered some valuable information at www.ellenjaye.com (http://www.ellenjaye.com) and it struck me that perhaps many people here don't know about this terrific resource.

Linda and John Lipman ("L" and "J") were early participants in this site who drifted away as many do, but even before StraightBourbon came into existence, they were recording their whiskey-related travels and research on their web site. Their posts are very detailed and are in the form of travel journals. They have visited most of the active and defunct whiskey distilleries in the United States.

The famous gazebo gatherings at the Kentucky Bourbon Festival began because too many of us were cramming into John and Linda's room at the General Nelson, because that's where all the whiskey was, and somebody said, "Hey, there's a gazebo in back. Why don't we just go there?"

So my sole purpose in posting this is to let people know that their American whiskey education is incomplete without a visit to www.ellenjaye.com (http://www.ellenjaye.com).

Ruby K
11-13-2009, 12:56
whoa. the pictures alone are bringing tears to my eyes. thanks for posting!

11-13-2009, 17:35
Thanks, Chuck. I will definitely take a look.


11-13-2009, 18:48
I found their site a few years ago when I stumbled upon the pics from the tour of the old SW distillery. Great site. Also, given how little my wife likes whiskey I admire the fact that they are both so into it.

loose proton
11-13-2009, 18:55
I like these people!!! If you notice, the bottles in the collection are all sampled!!

11-13-2009, 22:34
About the only time I've been too drunk to meander independently, I leaned on John Lipman's arm to get to my across-the-parking-lot room from the Gazebo.
I'm proud to say I've shared bottlings with John and Linda that they don't have in their own collection. Of course, I've known about their website for years.
I miss John and Linda, just as I fear I will continue to miss many others who have become social habits as I myself incrementally withdraw -- by necessity and inertia -- from the society of bourbonophily.
I will be easily replaced; not so, the Lipmans.:skep:

11-14-2009, 11:13
The Lipmans, in addition to being among the most knowlegable people in the world of whiskey, are also among the nicest people you could ever meet. I have had the pleasure of being invited to see (and sample) their collection and share a great evening with them. John doesn't post much anymore, perhaps because he said it all before.
Joe :usflag:

11-14-2009, 12:00
I stumbled upon their web site ages ago and was really impressed. The photos of their bourbon collection are priceless and make me wish for such a place in my own home. Good to hear that they are such nice people as well. Thanks for bringing the Lipmans to the attention of other SB'ers, Chuck.

11-14-2009, 15:16
Thanks, Chuck. I will definitely take a look.


I definitely appreciate their main focus: American Straight Whiskey.


11-14-2009, 20:56
Not only are John and LInda extremely knowledgable when it comes to bourbon, but, as Tim said, two of the nicest people in the world.
I had the pleasure od spending the night at there house in a room where I was surrounded by every type of bourbons on all four walls.

11-17-2009, 09:25
Incredible site. Thanks for posting this link.