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12-02-2009, 16:11
Does anyone know anything about this?

Truly the epitome of brewing's two thousand year evolution, Samuel Adams Utopias® offers a flavor not just unlike any other beer but unlike any other beverage in the world. Its warm, sweet flavor is richly highlighted with hints of vanilla, oak and caramel. With an alcohol content of 27% by volume, its complexity and sweet, malty flavor is reminiscent of a deep, rich vintage Port, fine Cognac or aged sherry while being surprisingly light on the palate. And like the world’s finest after-dinner drinks, Samuel Adams Utopias is not carbonated and should be served at room temperature.

In one of many examples where Samuel Adams Utopias pushed the boundaries of beer into the realm of other fine beverages, it received the highest recommendation (96-100 points) from the prestigious Wine Enthusiast Magazine (November, 2003 edition).

Due to legal restrictions, Samuel Adams Utopias is not offered in the states of Alabama, Georgia, Idaho, Iowa, Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, South Carolina, Washington, or West Virginia.

My brother saw an article about it. He said it is aged 15 years in scotch and sherry barrels and costs $150 a bottle. The quote above is from the Sam Adams web site.

12-02-2009, 16:18
A thread about it here (http://www.straightbourbon.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13221&page=2)

12-02-2009, 20:59
Illegal in 13 states -- including Tennessee -- because of its high abv and status as 'beer'.
I saw an earlier edition in one of the Chuck's stores in Bowling Green, so apparently it's available in Kentucky.