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12-14-2009, 08:57
I received an e-mail from Shopper's Vineyard about a
Brave Spirits Combo Pack (http://www.shoppersvineyard.com/1/56099/BRAVE-SPIRITS-COMBO-PACK) which includes one bottle
each of

First In Whiskey
Standing Guard Gin
Valor Vodka
At Ease Rum

and I was wondering if anyone was familiar with Brave Spirits (http://www.bravespirits.com/)
or the whiskey they produce? The website didn't list (or at
least I couldn't find) much in the way of product background
other than this:

"We carefully select the finest grains from America's heartland.
We distill and age our whiskey among the rolling hills of Kentucky.
We use American oak barrels to let the natural sugars in the wood
create a distinctively sweet, but full-bodied American whiskey."

12-14-2009, 09:20
A quick review of the web site makes it pretty clear they don't make anything, i.e., they are a marketing company working a gimmick, in this case positioning everything they do as a tribute to the military, police and fire.

It is the brainchild of a Philadelphia-area couple who first placed the line in post stores and now has it in the Pennsylvania state stores too. An article about them is here (http://philadelphia.bizjournals.com/philadelphia/stories/2008/07/14/story1.html).