View Full Version : Bourbon and Coffee

01-20-2003, 12:38
Hey Y'all,
I just got a Nespresso Coffee Maker that makes wonderful, idiot proof cups of espresso. It uses little pods that are pre-measured and unfortunately only available from Nestle. I made a cup of Ristretto (the strongest blend) and couldn't resist supplementing with a half shot of BT. Strong coffee and bourbon. It was amazingly good. The aromas of the bourbon jumped from the cup with warm coffee. I've had espresso with liquers such as Sambuca and didn't care for the overpowering flavor and sweetness. I've also had Irish Coffee with sugar and whipped cream. Not appealing. Is there a name for espresso with fortification??? I though it was a great "pick me up" on a frigid evening. Anybody else have experience with bourbon and coffee??? Recipes, suggestions??

01-20-2003, 20:06
I have heard it called "cafe royale". One of my fovorites is strong coffee with VSOP cognac (as taught to me by a Swedish gourmet / alcoholic). I'm not sure I can recall ever having it with bourbon, but it sounds like it would be good.


01-20-2003, 23:52
I got some coffee on the L&G tour during the bourbon festival and supplimented it nicely with Woodford Reserve. It goes good on sub zero nights like tonight, yummy!