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01-30-2010, 15:49

The Maggie diet - whisky, spinach and 28 eggs a week

By Sam Greenhill
Last updated at 10:05 AM on 30th January 2010


Whisky and B12 shots fortified Iron Lady

"Bell's is said to have been Mrs Thatcher's favourite brand."

01-30-2010, 18:15
looks good. A very biologically appropriate meat and veg based diet, quite unlike the PC grain based fair pushed onto us now-days. I reckon the egg consumption horrifies the PC diet dictocrats, hence the very forward mention of the number of eggs consumed.

I wouldn't have expected her to be a tofu eater..........

She need some bourbon in there, though.........

01-30-2010, 20:17
Because food is political.

Another term?

En Vogue diet? Popular diet?