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01-21-2003, 16:58
Hello, I have been looking around for a special tasting glass(s) Malt Advocate has there Glencian Blenders Noising Glass then Riedel has several available types mainly single malt tasting glasses. Just curious if anyone has tried any of these. Heck they all look decent to me. Thanks in advance. Creggor

01-22-2003, 03:58
Hello, Linn thanks for moving this to the proper forum. I had forgotten that this section was here. I enjoyed reading about the Reidel Bourbon Glasses and will be ordering my set of 4 today. Looking foward to giving these a try. Creggor.

01-22-2003, 13:19
You are going to love them Creggor my man! They aren't as good as the French Pure Glass's, but they are quite good on their own. Some women are quite superior to others (i.e. Virginina women are far superior to Kentucky women)Holy Shit! It's Linn! ACK!

01-23-2003, 20:50
I came a whisker away from ordering the Riedel Bourbon glasses before speaking with a retailer/distributor who encouraged me NOT to buy them, because unlike Riedel's other whiskey glasses, the so-called "bourbon" glass is nothing but paste--cheap glass--without an ounce of lead. I thought it odd, too, that the bourbon glass was a bottom tier product, because I know from experience that drinking from lead crystal is wholly different from paste. Plus, in my view, the bourbon glasses look like prissy little white wine glasses with a stubby stem. I think Riedel pulled a fast one on Beam's Small Batch marketing team. Riedel now promotes its "single malt" glasses--which ARE quality lead crystal glasses--as appropriate for "single malt s***ch, irish whiskey, and tennesee whiskey," not mentioning the far finer Bourbon whiskey product for which they are equally well suited. Why?--because their new cute little white wine glass with a stubby stem is for "bourbon whiskey." I don't care whether the dreaded "S" word is associated with their better and distinctively shaped glasses or not, so I ordered a box of the lead crystal "single malt" glasses from Amazon.com, who will ship them to me for no additional cost.