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02-07-2010, 06:59
Looks like Seagram's is chiming in with one of their own:

Seagram's 7 Dark Honey
(as seen on LiquorSnob (http://www.liquorsnob.com/archives/2010/02/seagrams_7_dark_honey_arrives_for_review.php))

Can't tell from the label if this is "infused" or has something
"added" but the reviewer is probably correct in that it's aimed
at the Red Stag crowd.

Lost Pollito
02-07-2010, 07:02
Bartender. Yes sir I'd like your finest bourbon , and a shot of your finest Canadian for my friend. Stag ? Yeah the red one...oh and that dark Seagrams. We only drink it straight. Give it to me neat sir. Thanks.:lol:

02-07-2010, 07:51
It is correctly being marketed as a liqueur just like American Honey. No lies like from Beam.

Edit: Well, I guess I could be wrong. Looking it up again it seems that they want to say it is whiskey which is not how I had first been told. It's blended stock so I have no idea what the rules for them are.

02-07-2010, 08:22
Liqueur is defined in TTB regs. If the product doesn't meet the standard for a liqueur, marketing is as such would be improper.

02-10-2010, 20:42
Look, I think that Red Stag tastes like cough syrup too, but there are good whiskey-based liqueurs. Take Drambuie for instance. Or heck, Irish Creme.