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02-09-2010, 14:55
A rum I'd always hoped to try is Clément XO. A rhum agricole and the top rum in the Clément lineup. It gets great reviews, like this one (http://www.rndrumreviews.com/RnDRumReviews/Cl%C3%A9ment_X.O..html) and this one (http://www.spiritsreview.com/reviews-rum-clement-XO.html), and lots of folks over on the rum forum (www.ministryofrum.com (http://www.ministryofrum.com)) extol it as well.

It retails for $130-150 (OLCC price has been $150.45), too much of a budget-buster for me to ever pull the trigger.

Today at lunch I dropped by a local liquor store, one that has a better rum selection than most of the other local stores. The XO was tagged "OLCC Discontinued" and priced at 49.95! :bigeyes:

I bought two. Tasting notes tonight (after I get Vbt #239 out of the way).

02-25-2010, 17:10
On March 1st, Flor de Caña 12 year old rum is doubling in price, from $23.50 to $46.95

Those of you who've examined the rum selections at your local liquor stores have probably noticed that the 12yo FdC is priced lower than the 7yo. This is because the OLCC computes bottle prices on the basis of case prices, divided by twelve. Of course, some liquors come in cases of six, not twelve. Eventually they fix the mistake, but in the meantime, such a deal.