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02-28-2010, 10:03
I was lucky enough to try some Pappy Van Winkle barrel-aged Total Eclipse Stout from Foothills Brewing at the Charleston Brewvival yesterday. I'm a huge fan of barrel-aged beer and I have to say, this was head and shoulder over anything I've ever tried. TONS of bourbon flavor coming through, the truest melding of beer and bourbon I've ever tasted. Also of note I tried Terrapin's Dugout (their amazing Wake-and-Bake, Barrel Aged) and Rogue's John John Dead Guy (Dead Guy ale aged in Dead Guy Whiskey barrels). The Terrapin was great but really didn't have any noticable whiskey flavor (sad since I love the regular Wake-and-bake so much) and the John John was really flat and one-dimensional to me (again, really dissapointed, usually Rogue can do no wrong). All in all it was an amazing day, really hope they do it again next year and maybe I can see some of you there :lol:

02-28-2010, 10:46
Thats fantastic you had that opportunity.

I'm hoping that more craft brewers will realize that better bourbons may yield better bourbon barrel aged beers. With the cost of craft beer being so high, I would prefer to know what bourbon was in the barrel prior to the beer being put in.

03-05-2010, 17:26
I've had their Pappy 23 barrel aged Seeing Double IPA, Sexual Chocolate, and Total Eclipse ... It's all amazing. Their Pappy barrel aged beers is actually what made me buy my first bottle of bourbon .. The ORVW 23 LOL

03-07-2010, 19:27
Nice! Founders just released the inaugural bottling of their Nemesis, it's a 12% abv wheatwine that was aged in barrels that had previously contained bourbon then maple syrup for 8 months in a cave in Colorado. Had my first one last night...JEEZ its amazing. Barely a beer, more of a fine liquor. I'd highly suggest finding some as it's a one-off, never to be brewed again beer. :lol:

03-07-2010, 20:21
I can't wait to try Nemesis .. But I'll have to way till I get back in the country.

Olde Rabbits Foot .. A collaboration brew between Foothills, Olde Hickory, and Duck-Rabbit (all NC breweries) was also aged in PVW 23 year old barrels.. And it too was amazing. Limited to only 694 bottles though.