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11-30-2000, 18:03
Hi Guys and Gals,
I thought I would take this time to put in a blatant plug for the new "Louisville Encyclopedia". It is just hitting the shelves and has many fine articles written on distilleries and distilling by such people as yours truely and Sally Campbell. It is much better done than the Kentucky Encyclopedia which practically ignored the distilling industry. I wrote the main distilling article as well as articles on Stitzel-Weller, Bernheim, Max Selliger, James Thompson and Bro. (Glenmore), Four Roses, Seagrams and others. Sally of course wrote the article on Pappy and Brown-Forman will also have an article (I think written by Pierce but I am note sure). These are just part of the 1,800 entries dealing with the history of our fair town and surrounding area.
Mike Veach

11-30-2000, 21:48
How does one obtain the "Louisville Encyclopedia"?


12-01-2000, 17:26
The Louisville Encyclopedia is published by the University Press of Kentucky. You can probably order it from them online. Locally Hawley-Cook Booksellers are handling the sales. Eventually I expect the Filson Club to get it in their gift shop and you will be able to order it from them.