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03-15-2010, 21:09
Hello friends --

Newbie here. From what I understand (on this forum) and elsewhere, Woodford Reserve's Four Grain bottlings a few years back were not very well received by many. As is turns out, my family / friends were big fans -- and I am looking to purchase said items as gifts this year (everyone's bottle has run out).

I am looking for some ideas on where I could find these on the secondary market (aside from eBay, which seems spotty at best). Of course, my hope is that some poor soul on this forum -- who would sooner use Four Grain to clean his engine, than say, drink it -- has an unopened bottle that he would consider "parting" with. Please email me (chambless@gmail.com) or PM if you have some suggestions.


03-16-2010, 07:56
Look out Joe he's a federally He saw your trade bait post and he's come to take you down:slappin: .

Interesting first post, tell us a little bit about yourself. How long you been into bourbon? What are your likes beside WRFG? and your dislikes? I hope you like the site make yourself at home. Have fun.

03-28-2010, 20:35
Definitely not a "fed"... But since you asked, here's a little about me:

- Live / raised in Georgia
- Been drinking bourbon since college (been taking it seriously for about 5 years).
- Did the bourbon trail with my girlfriend two years ago (she's from Kentucky)
- "Rasied" on Woodford Reserve, but have since fallen out-of-love (it is still my go-to "party bourbon" for non-special occasions -- i.e. when I need a few bottles for one setting).
- Started a monthly "bourbon club" with about 4-5 friends a few years back, but it kind of died down when one of my best friends / roommates move out. Tried a lot of different bottles that way.
- Favorites (off the top of my head): Van Winkle 20 year, Noah's Mill, WRMC Seasoned Oak Finish, WRMC Four Grain, Four Roses small batch, Hirsch 16yr, Blanton's, Buffalo Trace, Maker's Mark, etc.
- Dislikes: Bulliet, Black Maple Hill, Elijah Craig, Van Winkle 23 yr, Jim Beam white label, WRMC Sonoma-Curter Finish, etc.
- Also love scotch. Have yet to get into / try much Canadian or Irish whiskey.
- Fascinated with the agricultuaral / manufacturing side of whiskey distillation (i'm in the supply chain profession). Would love to work in the bourbon industry one day.

Joined forum b/c I am looking to find a few "out-of-circulation" items as gifts -- i.e. the aforementioned Woodford Four Grain.

03-29-2010, 08:32
Welcome to the site, sorry I was making fun of a friend at your expense. If your looking for out of production stuff there is a lot of information here on dusty hunting. You should join us in chat some time it's officially Thursday and Sunday nights but you can catch someone in there most any night.

03-30-2010, 07:57
Sounds great. Thank you for the welcome and dusty info...