View Full Version : Trade?

02-01-2003, 15:55
I am considering parting with a bottle of Stagg in a trade. Right now, the top of my list is WT 12 yo if anyone has access to that. Let me know with a private message!

(I thought there was a recent trade discussion, but I couldn't find it right now. I hope I didn't needlessly start a new thread.)

02-03-2003, 20:19
Found my bottle. A helpful StraightBourbon member clued me in as to where I could find WT 12 yo in L'ville. My sister's husband picked it up today.

By the way, this place, Hooray's in Middletown (just outside L'ville city limits), told my sister that they would take orders and ship them free if your home state allowed it. I don't know how quick the turnaround would be because they said they would put your order in with their store's order (weekly?). Your order would be shipped directly to you, presumably from the distributor. Hooray's number is 877-297-2321.

This was a big relief to my sister as I have been running her around L'ville for several months now looking for some honey bottles.