View Full Version : Evan Williams Master Distillers Jugs

05-19-2010, 06:08
I had purchased 2 of a special edition 225th Bardstown anniversary Evan Williams Master Distiller's Jugs. This was done as Bardstown 225th anniversary and signed by Parker Beam and mayor of Bardstown, Dixie Hibbs. It was 225 months old (18.75 YO) and cost 225 quarters ($56.25). They were purchased about 5 years ago (?1995).

I recently opened one of these up and was very disappointed to find the jug 1/2 empty. They were stored in a temperature controlled wine cellar. In talking with others, this seems common for these Evan Williams Jugs. I'm disappointed that Heaven Hill has used an inferior container that seems prone to evaporation. I intend to email them and will post their response.

My advise - if you have any of these jugs, you should decant the bourbon and store in another container.

05-19-2010, 10:12
Well those jugs may be poorly made, but Evan Williams customers service is great. I sent an email to info@evanwilliams.com and within an hour had a response back with an apology and offer of full refund. This well beyond expectations. I'll use the refund to but some EWSB.