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02-08-2003, 19:41
I just opened a WL Weller antique 107. Wow! What was that pleasant nectar in the middle? I was wondering, if it was because of the wheat. I've had Elijah Craig 18, Eagle Rare ten 101, David Nicholson 1843, Buffalo Trace, Old Forester 89 proof, of course Woodford Reserve, and now WL Weller antique. I believe all but the wellers are rye recipe. I think, I want to try some wheaters now, could anyone on the forum make some wheat recipe suggestions.
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02-08-2003, 22:10
If you like the Weller 107 ,,,,You got to try Old Rip Van Winkles 107 10 yr ....You will swear off drinkin' or sippin' that Weller ....
Bill G,
Who loves Weller 107 , but has found the drink of the gods in ORVW 107 , 10 yr ..........

02-08-2003, 22:12
That David Nicholson is or was a wheater . I haven't heard that it has changed But I think it has been sold to David Sherman (?) Old Fitz, Van Winkle , Maker's , Can you get Va. Gentleman?

02-08-2003, 23:41
I second the endorsement of ORVW 10/107. I even did a review (http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/showthreaded.php?Cat=&Board=Tasting&Number=7443&pa ge=&view=&sb=&o=) on it a few months back in the Tasting forum.

In truth, most of my verbiage was and is nonsense, but I stand by my conclusion. The fact that I later found out that I could buy it for about $10 less than I initially reported moved it close to the top of my best buy category, as well.

Yours truly,
Dave Morefield

02-09-2003, 00:03
Yes VanWinkle 10/107 is a gem of a bourbon, a top five bourbon in my mind, very much in the vein of Antique Weller (which is what I am drinking tonight BTW, good choice) only it improves on an akready good thing.

I like wheaters, so there are many I could suggest:

Old Fitzgerald 1849 or BIB
Virginia Gentleman 90 ("the Fox")
WL Weller Centennial 10/100
Weller 19 Year
Van Winkle 10/107
Van Winkle 15/107

and Maker's Mark, while lagging behind these, is no slouch either.

If possible, get ahold of anything VanWinkle especially!


02-09-2003, 08:29
Let me add to the list a little-known gem of a Van Winkle wheater: Old Commonwealth, a special bottling of Julian's 10yo/107 whiskey. It's almost all gone, however.

OC was bottled before Julian's Sazerac/BT affiliation and, as I reported here earlier and have now confirmed with Julian directly, will not be bottled again. Once I heard that, I bunkered away some of the last remaining stash of OC to trade with forum members who enjoy VW wheaters.

02-09-2003, 12:06
>Van Winkle 15/107
>If possible, get ahold of anything VanWinkle especially!

Yes, yes, yes, yes, and yes. I agree with this wholeheartedly.
In the last few months, VanWinkle 15/107 has become my favorite
bourbon. I am starting to think that wheat + age is my all time favorite
formula for bourbon. Maybe it's just a phase. But it's a really
enjoyable phase, I certainly have to say.


02-09-2003, 14:50
I just bought my first bottle of Virginia Gentleman "The Fox", yesterday. Quite tasty, but a little on the "light" side, for me. I will have to remember to do a direct comparison with ORVW 10-yr 107-proof.


02-09-2003, 19:07
I'll have to second that opinion. I bought the Fox in WV this past week. I opened it on Wednesday night (after having Stagg on Tuesday night). I was underwhelmed, but I decided I would give the Fox another chance. GTS is a hard act to follow, plus I never pass judgement on a bourbon after only one (ok, two) drinks.

I decided to wait until warmer weather to try the Fox again. I think it will fare much better in summer weather.

Besides, it I teetotal it for a while (see Off Topic post), I may have to start with something very drinkable like the Fox to work my back into the game. http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/smirk.gif

02-09-2003, 19:23
How does Old Commonwealth differ from the ORVW products?

02-09-2003, 19:32
Thank you, so much for your suggestions. I'm going to go out first chance and get a few more bottles of liquid gold. I haven't done any tasting today, since it is sunday. Today's for church, God, and rest. But tomorrow, I will seek those wheaters! http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/laugh.gif

02-09-2003, 23:35
</font><blockquote><font class="small">In reply to:</font><hr />
I am starting to think that wheat + age is my all time favorite

Yeah Buddy! Welcome into the fold! http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/grin.gif

02-10-2003, 08:24
I'm eagerly awaiting my first bottle of VW 15 YO 107 proof. I love the 10 YO 107 proof, so my hope is that the 15 YO will be even better! http://www.straightbourbon.com/ubbthreads/images/icons/cool.gif