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06-20-2010, 10:23
I bought a bottle and find it excellent. It is about $80. No age is stated, only that it is "Pot Still Rye Whisky". Also, it states, "Pinnacle Rye Blend", so presumably a blend of different rye whiskies. It is also called Canadian Whisky on the label, so that means distilled, mashed and aged in Canada.

First, it is not like a straight (U.S.) rye. At all. Nor is it like a regular Canadian whisky although it presents some similarities (mildness, softness).

It has notes of mint and spice in the aftertaste that probably derive from the rye. Sort of beeswax, floral, minty, with a sweetish mapley and oaky overlay. Parts of it remind me of an aged malt whisky for some reason. I doubt it was 100% aged in new charred wood although it may have been, or part of it.

It is excellent and worth the money. I am pleased that the rare issuance of a Canadian pot still whisky (presumably 100% pot still although the label doesn't state that in so many words) tastes like itself and not something we can already get in the U.S. Not that I would mind a Canadian version of such a thing, and maybe this release will encourage further releases by Canadian distillers of their flavouring whiskeys, but this Legacy stands on its own merits.

Corby issued a pot still whisky before, Lot 40. Something in this Legacy reminds me of that, perhaps some of the Lot 40 stock was left to age many years longer and represents a part at least of the Legacy blend. But this is much better than Lot 40, much older clearly and refined, even elegant. However put together, it is a welcome appearance on the market.


06-20-2010, 11:04
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06-20-2010, 18:11
Gary, thanks for the notes. This sounds promising indeed.