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07-13-2010, 17:43
Hi All,

I'm new to whiskey. Last Christmas I purchased a relative his favorite bottle of single malt Scotch. As the bottle was fairly expensive, I was curious to compare it to some other Scotches (it turned out that I bought an overpriced special packaging of an otherwise affordable whiskey.)

To satisfy this curiousity, I experimented with aberlour a'bunadh, lagavulin 16, and balvenie doublewood.

Living close to Denver, I was introduced to some Colorado whiskies in Stranahans and Peach Street bourbon. I absolutely loved the Stranahans. It made me question whether or not I really wanted to be drinking Scotch.

The Peach Street left me confused. I liked it...but it was really really sweet. Undaunted, I purchased a bottle of Woodford and a Makers...followed up by some of the BT Weller products. I decided that I might have a problem when I purchased a bottle of Four Roses Maraige 2008 simply because I saw it discussed here...and well...it was sitting there on the shelf.

I am now very much enjoying bourbon (with that scorned bottle of Peach Street as my favorite.)

As to whiskey in general...I don't know. My preferences are pretty schizophrenic... My favorites seem to change daily. I'm enjoying the experience though. :)

I want to thank all who have posted their experiences - you have been a very valuable source of information.


Trace Tippler
07-13-2010, 17:51
Hello wripvanwinkle:

I'm new here, too, but I think you're in the right place. Excellent bunch of people here who freely share a treasure-trove of bourbon information. Back in the 80's I used to drink scotch but now, after many years of no drinking and a brief detour through gin-world, I am very happy to be a bourbon drinker. I bet your palate will enjoy all the new experiences and always appreciate the diversity and, frankly, exceptional value of a good bourbon.

Oh, and it's fine to buy something simply because it was discussed here. It's part of the Great Bourbon Conspiracy and it's all good. :lol:

Trace T.

07-14-2010, 03:58
Welcome to the site! It's pretty natural for a whiskey lover to gravitate from Scotch to Bourbon. Scotch is usually a 'wham!-in-your-face' experience...fairly big and easy to appreciate. Bourbon is more likely to whisper, and to provide subtle complexities.

I liken it to wine. Most folks start out loving Bordeaux/Cabernet based wines because they're big and easy to appreciate. As their experience grows, there's a natural gravitation towards Burgundy/Pinot Noir wines...wines of understatement, refinement and much more enjoyment...if you're willing to 'listen'.

Have fun here!