View Full Version : Old Kentucky Barrel Select 4yr

08-05-2010, 20:26
Went to the store to pick something up and saw a new bottle. Thinking it probably wasn't going to be anything special I was intrigued enough to go ahead and pick it up. $10 for the 750l. 80 proof.

Bottled in San Jose so probably close to the bourbon in this thread. Funny thing, the store owner said the distributer refused to say where the bourbon is from.


Lost Pollito
08-05-2010, 23:46
Well...as Chuck says in the thread attached... Catch as catch can. What's it taste like? Any Eucalyptus?:grin:

08-06-2010, 05:33
It's ok! I will finish this bottle straight, maybe a highball or two. I most likely will not make it back to a second bottle just because I think even at that price I have others I do enjoy more straight up. But not all at sad that I've tried this one.

For $10 I'd 1st pick up;

AA 90
VOB 86

08-07-2010, 14:08
The mystery of the San Jose bourbon continues. I wonder if Old Kentucky has the maple type of taste like the Joshua Brook? I'll do a side by side comparison if I get the chance. There has been some well informed speculation, but so far we don't exactly know who made it, or if it's some combination of different bourbons. :skep:

08-07-2010, 14:59
I like the old-timey label.