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08-09-2010, 21:43
I was reading about Frankfort Distillery, my great grandpa Wm. Veeneman did some work with them, long before I was around. He also had a patent on a double bead barrel head. Does anyone know if this type of barrel is used? Did legal distilleries do any bootlegging? I'd like to see that stationary Boone was talking about. His picture of his Aunt Jo in front of an old Frankfort Distillery building is the only picture I've seen. I'll try asking my Great aunt.

"The Frankfort Distilleries was founded in 1869 in Frankfort, Kentucky, reorganized and relocated to Louisville in1928, by T.W. Hinde, S. C. Miller and William. H. Veeneman" (Pfeiffer & Schwartzel Family History) (http://www.pfeiffer-history.com/Whiskey/Pfeiffer-Spirits.htm).