View Full Version : Lord Calvert American Whiskey?

08-10-2010, 14:15
so my wifes great uncle used to run a liquor store. i found an old crate in her moms basement the other which said something along the lines of "Lord Calvert: Best American Whiskey." they said the crate came from his liquor store years ago.

unfortunately, the crate had tools in it and no liquor. but in doing searches online i can only find a Lord Calvert Canadian blended whiskey. does anyone know if there was an actual Lord Calvert blend distilled in the US for US consumption?

08-10-2010, 14:41
Sometime between 1955 and 1959 Calvert's American blend changed from "Lord Calvert" to "Calvert Reserve".

Ad for Lord Calvert (http://graphic-design.tjs-labs.com/show-picture?id=1124719155)

Ad for Calvert Reserve (http://graphic-design.tjs-labs.com/show-picture?id=1151597589)

Sometime between November 1961 and October 1963 it changed to "Calvert Extra" which is what it is today.