View Full Version : On the Road Again.

08-14-2010, 10:42
Well 3 other states in 2 weeks, Blue Angel in Pensacola, got got this years EWSB and some Rye(1) , and it was priced high compaired to Frugal Mcdugal but i bought the Russells Reserve Rye. Plus unaged Dogs, Wry Moon that is a Rye dog. Along with Buffalo Trace white dog. shame Alabama ABC is closing out Buffalo Trace after only a year with great sales in my area but slow in gulf coast so its off the self, cring shame. Back at Mc's got some 4 Roses SB plus Willet in a cool still bottle.
Last stop Atlanta with a dusty bottle find Jacob's Well form Beam, it was one of my first small batchs i started out with. Loving a little rye with the Beams black. found at 5/20 package store in Douglesville.