View Full Version : Dusty River Whiskey

09-08-2010, 06:37
The Buffalo News (http://www.buffalonews.com/city/article184012.ece) reports a story of a man who found a bottle of whiskey
while diving in the Niagara River:

"The bottom of the bottle is embossed with a brand, Gooderham & Worts,
and the cork has the word "Toronto" on it. A little bit of digging -- the
investigative kind -- later revealed that Gooderham & Worts was a
prominent Toronto-based distillery that went by that name between
1862 and 1923."

"As soon as he grabbed the bottle and began drifting away, Campbell
was sure of two things:
"I knew it was full, and I knew it wasn't full of water."
Later, as he came back toward the surface, the pressure of his ascent
led to a small hairline crack in the bottle.
"It was oozing a little liquid, so we were tasting it," he said Tuesday.
'It tasted like real smooth Black Velvet whiskey.'"