View Full Version : Buying from US eBay to Australia. Tax?

09-30-2010, 03:33
Hi I'm looking at getting some mini's (50ml, maybe one 200ml), 10 total maybe. Just wondering what the chances are of getting taxed. I assume it's randomish? Unless they've cracked down a bit? And also a ballpark of how much, min-max I could get charged. Does it depend on whats written on the box? How much it weights, the actual cost on ebay etc etc.

Cheers for any knowledge on the subject.


10-05-2010, 05:29

If you were to get stung by customs, the tax rates are about $70 per litre of alcohol + GST.
For example say you had 10 minis that were 40% alcohol -
10 x 50ml = 500ml
500ml x 40% = 200ml
tax on 200ml of alcohol - $14

They then charge GST on shipping and the value of the bottles. Tell the person to value the whole lot at $10 - $1 GST
they also charge GST on shipping, which wont be much.

Personally, I think you'll be ok. They have bigger fish to fry, like me :grin: but if they do get you - you won't be up for much.

I tried to call you yesterday about the message you sent me regarding Russell's Reserve, will call you soon mate. I haven't forgotten about you, just been super busy!



10-15-2010, 21:28
No Worries about being Scott. Take your time, I wasn't sure if I was being to ambitious, and it's no problem to tell me if I was.

So when you say they have bigger fish...

Your answer got me thinking, maybe it's wort a case of 12 x 750ml from Binnys. Especially considering how our dollar is doing :)

You ever bought from there? Do you know what ball park the shipping would be in? 2-300? Is it a certainty to get taxed? Would it be better to try smaller orders?

From what I'm looking at approximately:

$ 400 = 12 bottles
$ 244 = Shipping (total guess, hopefully this is a maximum?)
$ 12 = CCT
$ 280 = Customs Grog Tax (4L * $70)
$ 40 = Customs Grog GST
$ 24 = Customs Shipping GST
$1000 = TOTAL