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Brandon -B-
10-04-2010, 12:55
Greetings from Santa Rosa, California. *I probably wonít be doing a lot of posting since Iím new and Iíll be sponging all of this info up but I did want to drop in and say Hi and share my first experience with Bourbon (or any Whiskey for that matter) *

My wife and I were going out on a rare and coveted date night and she suggested that we go for cocktails at the lounge above the restaurant. *I rarely drink and had never had ďcocktailsĒ Most of my drinking experience is beers at a ball game or BBQ or Wine once and a while for dinner. *Behind my wifeís back I had to text my buddy and ask what in the hell I should order at a lounge so that I didnít end up with an alcoholic slurpee with a pink umbrella in front of me. *He texts me back that I have to go whiskey straight up. *(heís been watching a lot of Mad Men recently.) *When we get there, my wife takes her *seat and I order wine for her and tell the bartender that I need a little help with a whiskey choice, He named a couple and said that a lot of folks seemed to like Blantonís so thatís what I ended up with. *I ended up having two that night, the first with a little ice and the second one neat. *I felt like the water and chill from the ice didnít do the Blantonís any favors and I much preferred my second one without water. *At any rate, I was now hooked on Bourbon.

I hit the interwebs looking for more info because I knew I had to get a bottle the next night. Google pointed me to your fine site here and through Dan or Sijanís informative thread about affordable bourbon; I decided to get a bottle of Bulleit for my first big-boy-all-growns-up beverage purchase. * Since then Iíve gone through about half the bottle and figured out a few things. *

I like a shot in a giant open mouthed glass rather than in a smaller rocks glass (our rocks glasses are roundish and concentrates the uhÖfumes at your nose).

While the Blantonís was better without any water, I actually prefer the Bulleit with a little touch of water. At first I was using some ice chips but Iíve also discovered that I much prefer it room temperature. More flavor that way probably because my mouth is getting less conflicting information.

I have been sipping a shot (dram?) 1 Ĺ oz. anyway, or sometimes two in the evening while reading and I just love savoring the different flavors, hell some nights I donít even want to brush my teeth because I canít stand the idea of washing away all that flavor with the foul mint toothpaste :)

There are no words to describe how well Belgian chocolate crisps from Trader Joeís and Bulleit bourbon go together. *Discovered it last nightÖJust no wordsÖ

Some bourbons that I'm looking forward to trying are
Elmer T. Lee
Woodford Reserve

Thanks for a great site and all the info here. *Iíll let you know if I have any questions but rest assured, I do know where the search function is located!

Brandon -B-
10-04-2010, 12:57
By the way, I typed this on my iPhone so I don't know why all those stars are in my post. Sorry.

10-04-2010, 13:14
Welcome! I'm a Sonoma County native living in LA. You're starting out on a fun path. Enjoy it, use the forums as a resource and keep letting us know what you like.

10-04-2010, 14:53
Welcome aboard Brandon. Great introduction. Looks to me like you're well on your way. :grin: Keep searching the old threads and posts. There's ton's of information available. Be sure and post about your experiences. Official chats are on Thursday and Sunday nights, but you never know when someone will be in the chat room. (Gazebo) Drop in sometime. Once again, welcome, and cheers! Joe

10-05-2010, 09:31
Welcome to the board. I'm fairly new as well. Browsing this board is quite informative and entertaining. You should be aware that Bookers is not for the faint of heart. It's one of my favorites but if you like milder bourbons neat (around 94 proof or so), Bookers might actually change your life, in a good way of course. Again welcome and if you life Bookers, which is moderately pricey in my opinion (probably around $60-70 in my parts) you should also try to grab one of the Parker's Hertiage offerings. They are high in proof but oh so smooth, much like Bookers.

Brandon -B-
10-05-2010, 15:01
Thanks for the recommendations. I just made my second bourbon purchase. Two wee 50ml notes of Makers Mark. I figured I would try something that seems to be generally regarded as OK. I'm guessing that the little 50ml bottles are the same stuff as the big bottles and that I will get a good representative sample from them.