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B.B. Babington
10-28-2010, 16:27
Since no one has posted a report, I picked one up to see what it is and was not hopeful. I was very surprised!!!! Surprisingly super smooth which is unusual for a white dog. It sort of reminded me of a fine triple distilled Blanco in both nose and taste. It had an oily character which made me suspect higher fusels, but that can be a good thing for flavor. This had a very mild flavor, not complex, sweet, slightly caramel. Mild & sweet finish. And did I say very very smooth as water?

It's forty bills, which is a lot for no age at all. Is it worth the $$? If ya have to ask, get something else. But if ya like novel sips and don't mind the price point, go for it.

here's previous post on the distillery:

B.B. Babington
04-25-2011, 16:39
interesting article came out about this distiller. the article gave some details on production technique, and also shows some loosening of Virginia ABC laws in last couple years.

http://leesburg.patch.com/articles/catoctin-creek-distilling-sees-business-growth-in-on-site-abc-store (http://leesburg.patch.com/articles/catoctin-creek-distilling-sees-business-growth-in-on-site-abc-store)

04-25-2011, 17:23
Like a lot of the craft offerings the price point for me is a bit high given they are at best "interesting"... and not regular drinkers.

04-26-2011, 02:49
Price hurts a lot of the craft stuff. And as far as flavor goes this biggest problem is very high proof off the still. Some I have heard to be over the legal limit.