View Full Version : Priming the Palette

11-13-2010, 20:46
Over the course of time there have been weeks were I do not taste any whiskey. After such a stretch (even as little as a week without having tasted any) I notice that when I do drink some bourbon or rye my palette is quite unaccustomed to the spirit. The nose is not compromised (for obvious reasons), the finish less so, but the taste of the whiskey as it sits in my mouth is often quite sharp and difficult to analyze. I have found that only after about three days of regular drinking does my palette adjust to the point of it being more pleasurable to taste, and where I can discern the complexities of the spirit. This even goes for proofs as low as 90.

Has anyone else experienced this? Any tricks or tips to prevent this? I read a mention from one member that he only has one drink a month, and I wondered what a pony of booze must taste like at that interval?

11-13-2010, 22:19
I sometimes experience this, to a lesser degree, but I know what you're saying.

One thing I've found is, when tasting a few whiskies to decide what I feel like committing to, take TWO sips of whatever it is. The first one maybe a little smaller, just to "prime the pallette" (palate?) as you say. The second one reveals more to me than the first. Wait a minute or so between them. Works for me.